The details are not the details. They make the design
— Charles Eames

Who We Are & what we do

We are a specialist design consultancy based in London. We provide services for all your planning needs. We pride ourselves in providing a professional, honest and reliable service to make your experience from inception through to completion nothing but the best. 

With our close knit team built up of Architects, Interior Designers and engineers,we work on a range of projects From Residential, Commercial and Hospitality helping our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

At Tailored Architecture & Design we believe that every person and project no matter how big or small is unique. Our design process revolves around you. We enjoy working closely with each and every one of our clients tailoring and creating meaningful and unique spaces to the individual clients needs.



"Dream it - We all like to dream. Whilst we cant guarantee we will make your dream come true. we can guarantee we will do everything possible we can.
Build it - Whilst you relax well ge to work draft up plans and once your happy we can start the planning process ready to get built
Live it - Ultimately we want you to enjoy spending time in your new space for years to come